Friday, March 27, 2009

Ride Report: 25km INTRO Ride 26 March 2009 by Rob Strange

Good day folks.

So this was my second D&D, and Donald, whose birthday wish it was that one of us newby's got to do the Ride Report, chose yours truly!!! Happy Birthday Donald, but more of that later. This report should be interesting as I must have spent 90% of the ride eyes riveted on the path immediately in front of me and the remaining 10 hoping I was still in the Pretoria municipal area. Night riding is very disorienting!!! So if I get names of people and places wrong, please forgive.

15-20 persons left from the mall 19h00'sh. The same amount returned. Well done! I was told 2 of them were virgins, which seemed sad considering their respective ages. Temp. stayed above the 17C mark, and made for a beautiful evening.

First attraction was a grassy area with smooth sweeps and a nice drop off. Iam guessing 'Xtacy Park' from Hardy's description below. This got things warmed up. And I was already lost, does incentivise one to stick with the group though. The next part is a bit of a haze this morning, but I do remember horses and some passers by shouting "Beautiful!". On realising this was not for me or my bicycle turned round to see the multitude of lights from the D&D's. It was indeed cool. We stopped on top of a hill and the ladies x2 hauled out cup cakes x many, candle x1 and bottle of champagne x 1. Very impressive this is the way to ride!!! Happy birthday was sung, candle was blown out, well done Donald.

From here on there were washing machines, pythons, and I could have sworn I saw a bush pig. One section on the road to Smuts museum had grass at about head height. I can now categorically state that smiling whilst riding through this is not advisable. Unavoidable, but not advisable. It would seem my teeth spacing lends itself to a seed harvest size of 3mm x 0.26mm. I will let you know if this is an optiml germination size. Up past Smuts museum and the old age home at the end of the tar road, a nice climb where I was sucking air like a V8. Then past the St Georges hotel on the airport side, down a 43km/h corrugated road, fantastic. Over the river and back up to the mall by 21h19'sh I think.

1 or 2 minor stops but lets leave the feet in the cleats falls. I did a 12.9km/h moving average. Great mixture of jeep and single track. It was an absolute pleasure riding with such outgoing positive people. Awesome to see a club going after 4 years founded on the principal of for the people, by the poeple. Just Awesome!

Moo mall led to long cold draughts, hot chocolates, deep discussions on where to focus on the path for optimal ride and then ultimately ascending to the literary skills of the Loslyf editorial staff. Hope ihave done the evening justice and definitely aim to be at the next intro ride.


Dark and Dirty at Blogspot

Can you believe it. My first blog. I thought this an opportune time to establish some blog Dark and Dirty presence on BlogSpot... I hope viewers will comment on the posts, etc. Let's see. Will be better than the limited functionality available on our Wiki based website; I guess there are different purposes to the blog and to the site. I wonder if I can RSS push blog content into the website... hmmm. Anyone?

Well wasn't last night fun? We had an Intro ride of 22km, led by Hardy and swept by Nico. Wow what a wonderful warm evening.

We're still waiting for the ride report from the new people. I will publish ride reports here as well. I'm sure more than one person can blog here as well, I just don't know how to handle that yet. Hardy, QT, other D&D regulars, I'll gladly allow everyone access if I can figure out how!