Friday, March 27, 2009

Dark and Dirty at Blogspot

Can you believe it. My first blog. I thought this an opportune time to establish some blog Dark and Dirty presence on BlogSpot... I hope viewers will comment on the posts, etc. Let's see. Will be better than the limited functionality available on our Wiki based website; I guess there are different purposes to the blog and to the site. I wonder if I can RSS push blog content into the website... hmmm. Anyone?

Well wasn't last night fun? We had an Intro ride of 22km, led by Hardy and swept by Nico. Wow what a wonderful warm evening.

We're still waiting for the ride report from the new people. I will publish ride reports here as well. I'm sure more than one person can blog here as well, I just don't know how to handle that yet. Hardy, QT, other D&D regulars, I'll gladly allow everyone access if I can figure out how!


  1. i don't see any space to go vor for all of the above ... freaking insanely awesome AND it should be illegal :)

  2. Hey Deekay,
    this is a fantastic idea man!!!!! very cool

  3. Notes to self:

    1. Include "freaking insanely awesome AND it should be illegal" in future polls.

    2. Keep it going.

    Remember I invited some of you to post here as well (not just comments). So even if you didn't receive an invite, lemme know, and I'll make a plan.