Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ride report 28th may- malcolm

The race report for Thursday the 28th, Late again!!!

But this is anyway how I started my cycle! I was franticly peddling up Nelmapius to Irene Village Mall as I was late for the cycle. I caught the group just as they were leaving, luckily!!!! I quickly had to drop off a Bulls jersey with my Fiancé which is how I earned the ride report. Apparently someone tried to snail race a single track while I rode to Ocean Basket and the fell. This was my fault and so I must write the report.

Fine!!! so we headed up the hill opposite Cornwall hill and our fearless leader Erick took us to a nice little play track which felt like we were riding in circles, probably because we were riding in circles!!! We then cut across to Nelmapius were we headed down towards the mall. My batteries for my headlamp were flat so the entire ride was a ghost ride for me which made it interesting to say the least. Never the less with the light on some peoples bikes you hardly need a light! Anyway we headed down the velt along side Cornwall hill estate to the river below were we crossed under the R21. This is were Clint challenged us all with the “Monkey Nuts Award” (not to put a foot down the entire ride!!!) I don’t think any one managed it but a good challenge for the future.

We the completed our first of three speed zones, up the tar road towards the Doorigkloof Oos turn off. This speed zone was poorly contested. We then cycled up the dirt road and once we had passed the shebeen entered the second speed zone of the evening. This lead us up the dirt road parallel to the R21 till the T junction where there is the bridge over the highway. Old “Tigger” with his huge 29” took the speed zone. The next section was a jeep track still along side the R21 till we turned off onto the “Blare Witch track”. This took to the point were we rode under the R21. A humbling experience as we were met by two gentlemen with wheel barrows filled with containers to collect water from the bottling water sponsored tap on the other side of the R21. Makes us appreciate running water, rather than having to fetch it at 08 o’clock at nigh. Anyway after their dogs chased us a it we headed back along side the R21 now towards the mall. This is a great quad track which offers a nice speedy ride.

At the bridge we turned left away from the bridge and left again onto “the track that has no name”, a slightly more technical track especially if you don’t have a light, but good fun. As we hit the old tar road we went along towards the cement factory. After crossing Boeing street we cycled down the dirt road and turned left onto a jeep track. This was a steady incline towards Smuts House. A DnD virgin then explained to me how he really did not have a clue as to were he was, which is generally a normal experience on your first ride. The next track was a wicked fast single track back down towards the cement factory. The soft tails lead the way with the rest following at high speeds. This track did take a few casualties with its many ruts, huge rocks and of course the infamous ant hill.

We then found ourselves on our way home, obviously we needed to enjoy the sway of the “python” and cycled along its wonderful curves. And finally last but not least the infamous “Tour de Tar” on the tar road from Smuts House towards Nelmapius was our final speed zone. At the first speed bump after the bridge was the start of a high speed race to the first stop street. Once again “Tigger” using illegal slip streaming techniques took the zone!!! (I can say that because he slip streamed me) I then left the group to cycle home to Irene and the rest of the group headed on up to the Mall.

Thanks again to Erick our ride leader and Clint and Co for your enthusiasm!!! It was as always lots of fun!!!

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