Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This week we are doing the INTRO route, a great route for folks that are new to the whole riding in the dark thing and yet is still has some fun stuff for the regulars to keep their edge...

Highlights for the night..
Cruiser Singletrack;
Xtacy Park;
Python Singletrack;
QuadBusta Hill Climb ;
Look-ma-no-brakes singletrack;
Shabeen Queen ;
Singletracks back to MooMall.
!!!!!Please note for all the newbies...if it is not a speedzone// it is considered very uncool to ride ahead of the trailmeister..
hehhehe offenders will be banished to 10 minutes of granny gear... :-)
Seriously, the pace of the SOCIAL -ride, set by the trailmeister for the night, is about keeping the group safe and together.
So sit back and enjoy.... save your self for the speedzones.. you will not be dissapointed :-)
So lets go have some fun out there.
C ya in da DARK
>>> June 2009 NIGHT RIDES <<<
Thurs 4 - 25km INTRO Route------------<<>>

Thurs 11 - 35km Mild2Wild

Thurs 18 - 40km Rock&Roll (technical)

Thurs 25 - 35km Northern Lights


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