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ride report - intro ride 4th June

Can you hear the drums Fernando?
I remember long ago another starry night like this…….

(for the ones confused and thinking I’m totally mad…which I just might be…but you never know…you will understand this line a little bit later….but if you don’t…you had to be there…)

Well indeed it was another starry coolish Thursday night and by 18:59:59 (record time for DnD’ers) about 11 of us were ready…and by 19:01… Gadget arrived….quite surprised that everyone was already ready for another episode in the dark and dirty fun expedition series!
Proudly brought to you by our trail master Hardy and well supported by Q.T. making sure each and every one is awake and accounted for :)

Soooo there was some old folk….almost forgotten folk and brand new folk! A good mix for a good ride and lots of laughter to come. The old folk (nothing to do with age hey!! *grin*) Hardy, Q.T., Stealth (Nico), Gadget (Eric), Malcolm, Tigger, D1 and Johan. Then the almost forgotten folk was represented by Cat-I (Carine) & Fernando (*evil grin*…I can see the light bulb moments happening…. ) and then the brand new folk…last but definitely not least….Elton and Paul.

So after explaining the “rules of engagement” for the night, we were off into the darkness. Chatting away, catching up and getting the legs nice and warm. The first act for the night: Cruiser single track. Wow, this single track is just the best! We cruised up there and no we were
not laughing at anyone who ended off about 10m off the track to the right….ja boet…you only missed that one little turn in the road. At the top Hardy decided that change is as good as a holiday – and decided to take us around the koppie pass the Astro belt and down on
the other side – in the direction of PvR. We then hit ExtacyPark and made a couple of loops on the track… and then headed in the direction of the railway line. We…of course passed the “Zoid-Zone”…and the crowds were honored (or maybe horrified) with a version of the
Dinosaur song…. *grin* We cruised next to the railway line and everyone was yelling something about “wire” “wire” and then sort of swing to the right….Stealth made the comment…have you never heard of blue tooth? So we changed the “call” to “old technology in the road”… needless to say I don’t think the message made it to the sweeper.... ;)

We reached Nelmapius drive, and the scene of 12 MTB’ers with lights everywhere shocked a motorist so much he came to a tire-screaming-halt! We were next to the road….not even aiming in his direction….but ja shame…the pure dude had a little skrik. After we let him pass us *grin* - we are nice people you know - we crossed the road and headed for Wash-a-go…but being winter…it it was a dry-run....more like a dusting-session where the grass just sweeps away the dirt on your face ;)

We reached Python single track, and the crowds went wild for a “ghost ride”! So we all obliged, we lined up in the track en then it was lights-OFF…camera…and ACTION ;) There were a few interesting moments and turns missed…you just here the guy behind you zig-zag over the
track as your eyes adjust to seeing the ghost track…. A w e s o m e stuffs….and at the end there were quite a few nervous giggles going around. Then we turned our trusty steeds around and had to do it all over again…this time it was LIGHTS, camera and CHASE!!! Gadget leaded
the pack and was away in a flash. The chasing group of Stealth and Cat-I tried their best….but he hold them off and took it by a mile!

From here we headed for quad-busta-hill….the first speed zone for the night. You see there….way up theeeerrrreeeee….that is the top of the hill…first one there – can rest the longest? *grin* So from the word go the guys hammered those pedals…and we just sit back and think…you are going to fast…way to fast… but hey – it should be a good show ;)

Mr. new Folk Paul took the lead with Hardy and Malcolm in pursuit. Now the definition of pursuit is: the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture. But they could not do any of these things. Malcolm encountered mechanical failures in the last bit of the zone, and Paul managed to grind they teeth and make it to the top in first position. This of course, was viewed….from the bottom of the hill… spare me a few moments to reach the top and catch my breath…I’ve given up on this hill…the quads will be busted at the top…never to recover
again *grin*

*sigh* Ok…so after getting the inside scoop on all the trials, tribulations and excitement of the speed zone, we head for the famous – look-ma-no-breaks single track. Just before we start, Stealth was commanded to bring the back pack to the front – this of course is mos the “golden mile” for the DnD virgins – so they are permitted shoes and helmet… and off they go! This caused some serious panic for the new folk – which nervously looked around and stared into straight faces making them think this is their worst nightmare....this is not “look-ma-no-breaks” single track…this is “look-ma-no-clothes” single track! LOL!! But in the end everyone just burst out laughing….and they sighed the biggest sigh of relief imaginable…we even heard it way at
the back of the group *grin* Good one Hardy….good one!! :)

At the bottom of this track we hooked a left passed the cement factory and headed for the famous false flat. This is where we had to start getting creative so that the legs can rest and the brain can work overtime to remember the words of an old Abba song…we needed to serenade or do something to get going on this stretch of road… the crowds were entertained with the…. Can you hear the drums Fernando… then we struggled a bit….but found the chorus….
There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando

Fernando tried his best to send the serenade in a more respectable direction and we tried versions of Bicycle…Bicycle…Bicycle….I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike!....

But we soon reverted back to searching for lyrics for the Abba song, and Tigger helped along with Boney M’s Little Drummer Boy song….so in between Fernando and parum pum pum pum!! We composed our own little version of the next hit song…Drummer Boy Fernando? *grin*

But in the end he was forced to race the speed zone to get away from the serenade (that was totally in his honor) and we cheered him on with….. There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando…..

But it was not long before breathing and singing and riding your bike became problematic…so in the silence we made our way to the top…to get the inside scoop on who won and who was at the back….So first place went to Mr. new Folk Paul…and then second place was highly confusing…
Elton claimed he was at the back….but for the serenade group at the back…we in one voice protested to that statement….and seems like Elton was at the back of the winner….which gives him second place…and
Stealth powered in on third. Well done guys :)

We then headed for the last little bit of climb all the way to the Bill Boards next to the highway. Malcolm almost lost a wheel in tha single track but turns out it sounded worse than it really was. He said he was fine but we were more concerned about his bike! *grin*

At the top of the highway the silence fell over the group as everyone was getting mentally prepared for the next speed zone. Tha Shabeen Queeen speed zone….. Everyone was still sort of thinking of tactics….but the moment we made the turn the race was one…lead by Q.T. from the word “this is a speed zone…..” Everyone thought this can only be a “mock-charge”… but then Q.T., Elton and Paul was off in a flash!
Malcolm was with them but encountered some serious chain slipping noises…. It was like a U.F.O. taking off….you see those red flickering lights disappearing into dust and the gap between you and them increases with what feels like the speed of light! In the chasing bunch was Cat-I, Malcolm and two more…..but their best efforts was not good enough…. So…you speed down the hill…not to reach your max speed of the night…but because you want to know what happened… as we reach the bottom of the hill they stand there already recovered! But
there is silence….who won who won??? And the total disbelief and utter surprise and aura of respect written over those faces were absolutely CLASSIC!! Q.T. out powered the oaks and destroyed Paul’s hope of a clean sweep in the speed zones by taking “Shabeen Queen” speedzone. It was an insane hard and fast chase all the way - but in the end at the right time she made the attack and left the boys wanting.....what a chase!! As everyone arrived there were high-five’s and congratulations going around. This will definitely go down in the record books as a
very famous en legendary DnD speedzone chase! Well done Q.T. :)

That was absolutely the highlight of the evening! We had one more tour-da-tar-speedzone down to Rietvlei, but everyone was just cruising. We then headed to the moo-mall and loaded the bikes and still kept on talking over that chase over hot chocolates and beers till late :)

What an awesome night! Starry skies…crisp fresh air (some places more fresh than others ;), buddies, laughter, fun…what a privilege!! :)

Total distance for the night: around 27km of smilage!

No known crashes

No fatal mechanical problems

And that’s all folks!

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